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My Skills & Expertise

  • Software Development

    For many years I have opportunity to come across many programming languages beginning from Assembler, through TBasic, C++ and ending at Java,C#.
  • Software Quality Assurance

    At Velti I have been improved my testing skills, knowledge about Agile Development and got opportunity to use Ruby for regression testing.
    I had a chance to use Eggplant (similar to Selenium) for Website Interface testing and learn its own unique Sensetalk scripting language.
    At Velit I used GIT as a source control tool and Pivotal tracker for Project Management
  • At Britannic Technologies I got opportunity to gain knowledge about Development Life Cycle, how to design and maintain Testing Environmemt, write User Stories,Test Cases. Here I learnt about manual,exploratory and automation testing.
    At Britannic I was using such tools as CRM ProMark and Target Process for SDLC and project managment, for Source Control company was using SVN - subversion.
    I got opportunity to get C# programming course, learn through commercial experience about Testing, N-Unit Automation along with GUI Interface testing and SIPP Voice Telephony systems.
  • Website Designing and Technology

    On a few occasions at University and later during the Home Studies I have opportunity to work a on HTML code using Macromedia Dreamweaver.
    Somewhere in between creating several website for friends of my friends I started working at NCC Group - in Website Performence and Testing department. Here I worked as a Application Support Software Engineer where on daily basis I was responsible for designing C++ Automation Test utilizing inhouse solution for Website Monitoring and Load Testing similar to Selenium but offering many more features.
  • Hardware & Software Troubleshooting, System Tune-Ups & Clean-Ups

    In 2008 from January to March I was doing IT course with James Thornton Group for IT System Administrators, where I was accustomed with the knowledge necessary to pass A+, N+ and MSCA Certifications.
    In between 2009/2010 I had been working for six months as IT Support Engineer at Rocket - call centre..
    I was ensuring the smooth running of computer systems and networks within the company that consist of up to 100 computers. I was performing numerous Installation and Configuration of operating systems, hardware, application, Anti-Viruses, and firewalls. I was overseeing the daily performance of computer systems, diagnosing hardware/software faults and solving technical problems.
    I learnt about Monitoring, and configuration of SonicWall firewall, gain practical knowledge of Active directory, Windows Server and Exchange 2003.